Skin Tag Removal

skin tag eye b

Before resorting to surgery for skin tag removal, Riverina Laser & Skin Clinic has a more effective solution. Radio frequency skin tag removal works by applying a high frequency wavelength that generates minimal heat. This will cut the skin while simultaneously coagulating the blood for a bloodless incision. Due to the minor heat, the surrounding tissue is unaffected.

There are many advantages of using radio frequency for skin tag removal over the tradition method. Incisions made with a scalpel will bleed and tend to leave more scarring. Radio frequency is more precise and is bacteria-free. Radio frequency incisions can be used to shave back skin lesions eliminating the need to stitches and scars.

A medical professional will carry out the procedure at our clinic in Wagga Wagga. If you have any questions about the procedure, our team is always available to answer any of your questions.

Prices for Skin Tag Removal:

$60-$90 per lesion up to two lesions

$30 each additional lesion

$20 touch up