Skin Needling

Beautiful smiling woman using dermaroller on faceDo you suffer from stretch marks, wrinkles, uneven skin, scarring, pigmentation problems, or sun damage? Skin needling is a treatment that is effective in reducing or removing all of the above ailments.

Skin needling works by using multiple fine needles to create microscopic punctures in the skin. The skin then naturally releases collagen to heal the fine punctures which also treats the scarring, sun damage or other skin condition that we are targeting.

This is most commonly used as a facial treatment but can also be used to treat the neck, chest, back, or other areas.

The number of sessions required and the type of needles used will depend on the skin condition that you are trying to treat. This can all be determined in your initial consultation at our clinic in Wagga Wagga. Patients can expect results for most conditions often after the first couple of treatments.

You could also use the personalised home care  skin needling device at home for maintaining and enhancing the results. It is usually used for increasing the absorption of products into skin.

Prices for skin needling treatments are as follow:

Skin Needling-Facial (including custom cosmeceutical infusion)                         $320  per session

Prepaid package price (six or more treatments)                   $256 

Skin Needling-Body/Stretch Mark (including vitamin C infusion)             $370   per session

Prepaid package price (six or more treatments)                $296  

Personalised homecare roller   $80

Receive 20% discount on pre-paid package of 6 or more treatments