Mesoeclat Rejuvenation System

The mesoeclat system is an intensive rejuvination program consisting of 5 sessions of treatment at 14 day intervals.

Each session of treatment consists of three phases, which act at different levels to achieve a spectacular result:

Preparation of the skin: epidermal renewal and reduction of imperfections
Intensive anti-ageing shock treatment: skin regeneration and increased luminosity
Moisturising and elimination of wrinkles for a perfect skin.

3 to 5 days after treatment, a slight peeling of the treated skin may be noted, which may be more evident in areas in which frosting of keratin occurred. This process is normally completely imperceptible.

Sessions are repeated every two weeks (the first 5 sessions), in order to achieve increased skin “luminosity” and a higher level of moisturising, after which the treatment is applied on a monthly basis in order to maintain the results obtained.


Course of 5 treatment+home care products (2 products valued at $300) $995

Individual maintenance Mesoeclat treatment  $220