Laser Treatment for Pigmentation


Our laser technology can also treat a number of pigmentation problems such as freckles, age spots, or darkened areas of the skin. This pigmentation treatment stimulates skin renewal, removing or significantly reducing these blemishes.

Pigmentation problems arise for a number of different reasons such as sun damage, birth marks, trauma, or genetics. While some people are not bothered by these blemishes, our laser pigmentation treatments give people an option to remove or reduce them.

As with laser skin rejuvenation, these treatments are relatively pain free and will require little to no down time. You might experience a sensation similar to a mild sun burn, but this will subside within a few hours.

The procedure will be carried out by one of our experienced professionals at our clinic in Wagga Wagga who will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

Prices are as follow:

Full Face     $150                 ¾ Face    $100

½ Face    $80                ¼ Face    $60   

Nose  $45

Lower Body

Feet & toes  $80                          Full Legs   $450

½ legs (upper or lower) $300       ¼ legs   $180



Upper Body

Full Arms $220              Shoulders $120

¼ Arms  $100                 ¾ Arms   $190

Full Back  $250           ¾ Back   $220

½ Back  $180                  ¼ Back    $100

Decolletage  $100             Stomach   $280

Neck-front or back  $80

½ Arms (upper or lower) $150

You receive 20% discount on a pre-paid package of 6 or more consecutive treatment sessions (must be for the same area and is not transferable and non refundable)